Craig Kruckeberg

Volvo #55


Hails from Blooming Prairie, Minnesota. Don’t let the gray hair fool you, this guy can race. Straight from the corner office Minimizer, Craig has been around trucks his entire life. And now he gets to race against his son Tyler in the #54 truck. These guys don’t compete, THEY BATTLE. And it can be ugly. HOLD ON TIGHT!

Jonathan “Red Beard” Lisenbee

Freightliner #7


Jonathan has been known to bend the rules a time or two if he thinks that it will give him an advantage! He was thinking that if he stripped all the excess sheet metal off his truck, he will be lighter and faster to outrun the other members of this gang,,,, We had to corral him in a little and make him play fair…
Red beard is making the jump from racing two wheels, where he spent 6 years as a NCHSA and Mideast Scramble Series, motocross veteran, to racing 6 wheels!! Now just as long as ol Red Beard doesn’t try to jump one of these trucks….
Jon has been a truck driver/technician for the last 23 years. When he’s not in his truck, he can be found riding his Harley, out fishing or hunting..
Red Beard is soon going to be tying the knot with Susan Boles,, Hopefully, they will be celebrating their upcoming nuptials’ in victory lane with their children, Kaitlyn, Sydney and Nicole. I personally think Susan would look good in a checkered flag wedding dress…

Trevor Kruckeberg

Volvo #63


Trevor Kruckeberg is one of the original Minimizer twins. Trevor and his twin brother Tyler, both Bandit Big Rig Series racers are the grandsons of Dick and Lorraine Kruckeberg, the founders of Minimizer. Their father Craig “The Godfather” is also a Bandit racer, which makes for some heavy-duty competition on the Saturday night ovals!

Trevor is from Blooming Prairie, Minnesota and drives the #54 Volvo rig “TESTED”. A young 27 years old he’s raced everything. And we mean everything. He and his brother have moved on to speeding heavy metal on the race tracks. They like each other everywhere but the track.

Enjoy the family show, get a picture with them in the pits before the races start!

Travis Buckner

Freightliner #26

Travis loves the heat! “Bring on the heat!” he often says. Hickory was his inaugural race. He loves to race, can’t get enough of it. He wasn’t sure what to expect but once he started racing, he didn’t want to quit.

His #26 Mack truck rig sports the Minimizer chrome poly fenders and looks sharp. His father-in-law also races; they work on the trucks together. Both are part of the Jupiter Motorsports Team and hail from Weaverville, North Carolina.

The Bandit Big Rig Series is truly a family affair for this racer. His kids, Easton and Taylor, both love the racing. You’ll see them running around the tracks during the Bandit Big Rig Series.

Watch for Travis to steal the show and grab some podium finishes this season!

Chris Kikelhan

Freightliner #01


Chris has never been afraid to take chances. And he likes to showboat. Some people are just born to do what they do – whether it be a doctor, a photographer, a lawyer, or even a truck driver. There’s always that someone that, at a very young age, you can almost predict their future of what lies ahead for them. And as much as you try to change their path or divert it, they will always find their way back to it. Well, that’s the story of Chris – he was born to truck. And now he’s taking chances as a Bandit. Come see him race his awesome rig, Sundance. It’s a Dukes of Hazard thing.


Tyler Kruckeberg

Volvo #54


Tyler hails from blooming prairie, minnesota. He founded kik marketing, one of our sponsors.

A young 27 years old he’s raced everything. And we mean everything. Now he’s moved on to heavy metal. A helluva truck driver, the kid can race with the best of ’em. Watch out for the heated race in the standings between he and his father craig in the #63 truck. They like each other everywhere but the track.

Scott “Lightning” Treadway.

Western Star #4


Scott is joining the powerhouse Jupiter Motorsports team for his first year of racing.
Lightening is an owner operator out of Marshall, NC. He is married to Jennifer and they have two little Bandits of their own, Rebecca and Matt.
Scott is a volunteer fire fighter which serves him well when he is sitting around the campfire camping.

Allen Boles

Peterbilt #3


Allen has a penchant for grabbing victories. Allen originally built this Pete back in 2012 as a drag race truck for the Charlotte Diesel Super Show at Zmax Dragway where he slipped away with the number 1 spot in his class in both 2012 and 2013.
Allen quickly figured out how to get his Pete to corner as quickly as it goes in a straight line when he finished in the number 2 points spot in the 2105 Champtruck World Series.
Allen is married to Deena Boles,
Daughters Jodi (John) Candler, Sarah Boles and son Chase Boles. Allen also has a Great granddaughter Shelby Candler cheering him on.
Allen’s hometown is Columbia, SC and he is the Vice President of Jupiter Enterprises.
He loves spending time at the lake and can be found bench racing about anything on wheels.
Better watch this Bandit as he’s a crafty one!

Justin (Boost) Ball

Peterbilt #17


Justin is married to Nicole and have a daughter named Lillian (Lilly for short).
They hail from Cambridge, OH and Justin is a Generator Field Technician.
When not racing, you might catch Justin at the local fishing hole or he may be terrorizing the neighborhood with anything on wheels!
This is Justin’s second year of racing and after paying his dues last year, this year finds Justin with numerous podium finishes highlighted by a couple of first places at Palm Beach International Raceway and Lonesome Pine Raceway.

Mike “88Mike” Morgan

#88 Mack


Mike Morgan is a master technician who has been working on Mack trucks for 20+ years, receiving numerous achievement awards from Mack in the process. Mike started young, working on the pit crew at various races. He began with street racing, and then took it to the track for some 1/4 mile drag racing, which is how he and his wife Wendy first met more than 25 years ago.


Mike’s approach to racing is controlled chaos. Together Mike, his wife Wendy and son Mikey have travelled across the country with crew chief and lifelong friend Matt Kuhn taking Mackvader to one victory after another.

Ricky “Cupcake” Rude

#14 Peterbilt


Ricky is now and not my last driver profile because this guy is about one of the meanest, toughest, ornriest competitiors when he straps into his Pete!!
Rumor has it that ‘Ol Cupcake doesn’t even hesitate to put a right front wheel into his own brother if it means crossing the finish line first!!! and we have the picture to prove it!!!
Ricky is one of the top drivers in the Bandit Series. He’s not afraid to put his truck anywhere on the track (sometimes even off the track!!) if he thinks that it’s going to advance his finishing position.
When Rick isn’t racing, this military veteran spends his time with Melissa raising alpaca’s and turning their wool into socks as well as helping out his high school buddy Allen Boles at Jupiter Enterprises.
C’mon out and see Ricky wheel his Pete this Saturday at Anderson Motor Speedway!

Joe Seaman


Owner: Joe Seaman, Jr.,

drag racer extraordinaire

Driver: Joey Seaman, 21 years old,

from Eldridge, MO

Joey has raced motocross from age 6 until 16, when he got his motorcycle license, now he rides his Harley. At age 16 he also started drag racing, truck pulling and doing burnout shows with the Peterbilt. He has won 2 National drag racing events and a burnout contest.

Darren Proffitt


Hometown: Weaverville, NC

Married to Leaha

Children: Sage & Taylor, Grandchild: Easton

Occupation: Owner/Operator at Jupiter Enterprises, Inc.

Darren has driven and built trucks his whole life. In 1993, he drag raced his 1992 Peterbilt in the Rodeo Du Camion in Notre-Dame-

Du-Nord, Quebec, Canada and finished in the top 5 out of 100+ trucks! He also participated in the Charlotte Z Max Diesel Drags. Darren is now racing a Mack #27 for Jupiter Motorsports LLC in the

Bandit Big Rig Series.

Robbie Decker


Where do we start with Robbie Decker? Aggressive? Check. Fast? Check. Cool under pressure? Check. The guy’s got it all! And the #66 Freightliner rig “Sundance” is one of the hottest rigs on the track.

“What else is there to life besides driving big trucks fast?” Robbie is often heard touting from the pits. “It’s what we do!”

His favorite part of racing on the ovals is how close the trucks are to each other. It requires precision driving and Robbie always rises to the challenge. He won the first $10,000 purse of the 2017 season at Hickory Motor Speedway in Newton, North Carolina on March 25!

What does he do with all that cash? Plows it back into his rig of course. “Sundance” is setup for the technical challenges of the ovals, namely keeping the backend on the tarmac around the turns.

“Get in front and stay there,” is Robbie’s motto! It won’t be hard to find him.

Tommy Boileau


The yellow and black #16 Volvo truck driven by accomplished racer Tommy Boileau is truly one to watch. The truck is maintained by Csaszar Racing mechanics from Budapest, Hungary! That’s crazy! Over there, truck racing is huge!

Tommy himself is from Colorado Springs, Colorado. He started with go-kart racing, moved up to sports cars and currently races Formula 4 professionally in China.

But his love is the Big Rigs. He raced the Big Rigs on the road courses prior to this season on the ovals. “This is a brand new experience!” he says.

During a recent interview Tommy noted the difference with ovals is the need to manage traffic properly and setting up the truck is crucial. He loves the ovals because the speeds are very fast!

Be sure and get the autograph of this up and coming pro!