Truck # Driver Cumulative Points
14 Ricky Rude 2030.50
88 Mike Morgan  1915.50
17 Justin Ball  1815.50
16 Tommy Boileau  1742.50
01 Chris Kikelhan  1629.00
3 Allen Boles  1505.50
7 Jonathan Lisenbee  1382.50
26  Travis Buckner  1347.50
00 Robbie Decker  1333.50
4  Scott Treadway 1285.00
27 Darren Proffitt  1259.50
55 Craig Kruckeberg  1233.50
54 Tyler Kruckeberg 1027.50
29 Joey Seaman  441
00 Bob Boileau  303.50




Adam Neely

Trevor Kruckeberg

Virgil Taylor




Finishing order for heat race #1
17 Justin Ball
3 Allan Boles
01 Chris Kikelhan
16 Tommy Boileau
7 Jon Lisenbee
26 Travis
4 Scott Treadway

Good race, green to checkers. Chris Kikelhan got loose heading into three, sliding through the grass but saved it and continued on to a solid 3rd place finish while Allan Boles, came up just short of slipping past the 17 of Justin Ball at the finish as Boles started shotgun on the field.

Finishing order for heat race #2
14. Ricky Rude
88. Mike Morgan
666 Robbie Decker
55. Tyler Kruckeberg
63. Craig Kruckeberg
27. Darren Proffitt

This one wasn’t as pretty as the first race. On lap 2, Darren Proffitt’s’ power steering line broke causing him to get into the front stretch wall, resulting in a red flag to repair he fence, Proffitt was done for the night after the 10 minute delay.
When the green flag flew again, it was a spirited side by side race between front row starters Mike Morgan in the 88 and Ricky Proffitt in the 14 until Proffitt was able to finally clear Morgan.
With one lap remaining, Tyler Kruckeberg in the 55, lost control entering turn 1 bringing out the checkers and yellow..

Finishing order for Challenge race#2
3 Boles
14 Rude
01 Kikelhan
666 Decker
7. Lisenbee
63 C Kruckeberg

Finishing order for last night’s Minimizer Bandit Big Rig Race, presented by Cosmo Motors A-Main is as follows:
1. Robbie Decker 666
2. Justin Ball. 17
3. Tommy Boileau. 16
4. Chris Kikelhan. 01
5. Allen Boles. 3
6. Mike Morgan. 88
7. Travis Burchner 26
8. Ricky Rude. 14
9. Tyler Kruckeberg 55
10. Jon Lisenbee. 7
11. Scott Treadway 4
12. Craig Kruckeberg 64 DNF
13. Darren Proffitt. 27 DNS

Robbie Decker jumped out to the lead at the drop of the green flag from his pole position starting spot, which was s gift from Craig Kruckeberg, who elected to drop to the tail of the lineup as he was experiencing transmission issues.
Justin Ball in the 17 truck was quickly making his way through traffic from his 9th starting spot. Ball was making short work of the competition until he worked his way up to do battle with the 16 truck, Tommie Boileau, who was running 2nd. Boileau and Ball put on a thrilling side by side, back and forth battle for the runner-up spot while both were slowly closing the gap on Decker, but at the line, Decker crossed the finish line with a two truck lead over Ball and Boileau.
Next up for the Minimizer Bandit Series is GreenvillePickens Speedway on Saturday night, April 15th.

Finishing order for heat race no#1
17 Justin Ball
16 Tommy Boileau
666 Robbie Decker
7 Jonathon Lisenbee
27 Darren Proffirr
29 Joey Seaman
Tommy Boileau shot out to the early lead in this race as Justin Ball dropped into second place. The two traded the top spot back and forth until Ball finally cleared Boileau at the half way mark and set sail. Last race’s big winner Robbie Decker, worked his way up from the 5th starting spot to take the 3rd finishing position, followed by Jon Lisenbee in 4th, Darren Proffitt just snuck past a hard running Craig Kruckeberg for the 5th spot with new comer Joey Seaman in the 29 truck debuting a solid 6th.

Finishing order for Heat race #2
14 Ricky Rude
88 Mike Morgan
3 Allan Boles
01 Chris Kikelhan
4 Scott Treadway
26 Travis Buckner
55 Tyler Kruckeberg

Mike Morgan set sail on this one until Ricky Rude was able to clear traffic and run him down, Rude and Morgan ran door handle to door handle for 5 laps until finally clearing morgan’s 88 Mackvader and stretching his lead out to almost a half straightaway before the checkered flag flew.
Kikelhan thrilled the crowd with his drifting of the 01 truck through the corners to lock down the 4th spot just behind Allan Boles’ number 3 with Scott Treadway in his Western Star, finding new found speed with an engine change to finish a solid 5th place

Finishing order for challenge race number one.
14 Ricky Rude
01 Chris Kikelhan
6 Robbie Decker
7 Jon Lisenbee
26 Travis Burchner
55 Tyler Kruckeberg
63 Craig Kruckeberg

Ricky Rude jumped out to a lead from his pole position and never look back,
Craig Kruckeberg was having his best race of the season so far running a solid fifth until the final white flag lap when the truck got away from him and he got the truck into the backstraight wall resulting in a DNF.

Finishing order for Challenge race #2

88  Mike Morgan

17 Justin Ball

3   Allan Boles

27  Darren Proffitt

4   Scott Treadway

29  Joey Seaman

16  Tommy Boileau

Morgan used his outside front row starting spot to jump to a lead that he never relinquished despite a hard running Justin Ball giving close pursuit.  Darren Proffitt was the beneficiary of some hard luck for Tommy Boileau, as Boileau’s number 16 truck ran out of fuel as it took the white flag.

Finishing order for the Minimizer A-Main at Greenville Pickens Speedway
1. 14 Ricky Rude……………Weaverville, NC
2. 17 Justin Ball………………Cambridge, OH
3. 88 Mike Morgan…………..Wartrace, TN
4. 01 Chris Kikelhan…………Quakertown, PA
5. 6 Robbie Decker………..Moorville, SC
6. 16 Tommy Boileau……….Colorado Springs, CO
7. 7 Jonothan Lisenbee….Weaverville, NC
8. 26 Travis Buckner………..Weaverville, NC
9. 55 Tyler Kruckeberg……..Blooming Prairie, MN
10 4 Scott Treadway……….Marshall, NC
11 27 Darren Proffitt………….Weaverville, NC
12. 3 Allan Boles……………..Weaverville, NC…………..DNF
13. 29 Joey Seaman…………Eldridge, MO………………DNS
14. 63 Craig Kruckeberg……Blooming Prairie, MN…..DNS

To say that the start of the Minimizer A-Main was exciting is an absolute understatement. Trucks where running three wide streaming into turn 1 as Robbie Decker looked to the inside of front row starters Jon Lisenbee and Allan Boles. Boles and Decker ran side by side as they came down the front straightaway to complete lap 1 when Decker pushed high, collecting Boles and sending his Peterbuilt hard into the turn 2 wall.
The restart was clean and the race went green to checkered after that. Ricky Rude worked his way through the field from his 8th place starting spot to lead with Justin Ball and Mike Morgan in hot pursuit. Once Rude finally took the lead, he checked out to and was a half straightaway ahead of second place Justin Ball followed by Mike Morgan, Chris Kikelhan and Robbie Decker rounding out the top 5.
Next race up for the Bandits is the inaugural visit to Montgomery Motor Speedway in Montgomery Alabama on Saturday May 10th.

Heat race No#1
Line up
3 Boles                   4 Treadway
01 Kikelhan            27 Proffitt
63 T. Kruckeberg    7 Lisenbee
29 Seaman
Finishing order
01   Kikelhan
3     Boles
27   Proffitt
7     Lisenbee
4     Treadway
63   T. Kruckeberg…DNF
29   Seaman…………DNF
Boles jumped out to a quick lead from the pole position before Kikelhan was able to work his way past and take the lead at the half way point.  Trevor Kruckeberg did not finish the heat race as his new Peterbuilt was experiencing over heating issues and Joey Seaman brought out a yellow after losing control of his Peterbuilt and contacting the rear of his truck on the inside front straight wall.
Heat race #2
Line up
14  Rude         17 Ball
16  Boileau      88 Morgan
6    Decker       55 C. Kruckeberg
26  Buckner     54 Taylor
Finish order
14 Rude
17 Ball
88 Morgan
16 Boileau
6   Decker
26 Buckner
54 Taylor
55 C. Kruckeberg,,, DNF
Ricky Rude made short work of hest race number 2 when he jumped out to the lead from his pole position starting spot and cruised to the win in heat race number 2.  This race was slowed one time when contact beteween the 54 truck of Virgil Taylor and the 55 team truck of Craig Kruckeberg resulted in Kruckeberg getting into the inside wall in turn 3.
Challenge race no#1
Starting order
01  Kikelhan         17 Ball
27 Proffitt              7  Lisenbee
26 Buckner           6  Decker
54 C. Kruckeberg  63 T. Kruckeberg
Finishing Order
01  Kikelhan
17  Ball
27  Proffitt
6    Decker
26  Buckner
63  T. Kruckeberg…..DNS
Kikelhan was able to get the jump on Ball on the start.  The race went green to checkered with Ball on Kikelhan’s rear bumper the entire 12 lap race looking for any mistake to slip past for the win but Kikelhan never missed a beat resulting in his second checkered flag of the night.
Minimizer A-Main Results
14  Ricky Rude
 3   Alan Boles
88  Mike Morgan
17  Justin Ball
16  Tommy Boileau
54  Craig Kruckeberg
 7   Jon Lisenbee
26  Travis Buckner
 4   Scott Treadway
 6   Robbie Decker
01  Chris Kikelhan…..DNF
27  Darren Proffitt……DNF
29  Joey Seaman…….DNF
63  Tyler Kruckeberg,,DNS
55  Virgil Taylor……….DNS
WOW!!!  Talk about a race!!!  At the drop of the green, Jon Lisenbee grabbed the lead from his front row starting spot only to see the lead wrestled away at the start of lap number two by Alan Boles in his number 3, Jupiter Motorsports Peterbuilt.  Boles would pull out to a straightaway lead as the trucks of Boileau, Morgan, Kikelhan and Ball would swap positions among themselves fighting for the runner up spot until a lap 15 yellow flag for Justin Ball’s All Ballz/FASS Fuel Peterbuilt stalled in the middle of the front straightaway causing Ball to restart the a-Main at the rear of the field once he was able to restart his truck.
  The double file restart saw Ricky Rude restarting on the inside of row 2, right behind Boles and Morgan from his 9th place starting spot.  It took 5 laps for Rude to finally work his way past Morgan’s number 88 Mackvader and the number 3 truck of Allan Boles.  Once Rude was able to work his way past Boles and take the lead, he set sail and crossed the finish line 1/4 of a lap ahead of a hard charging Boles who was being pushed by the 88 of Morgan and the 17 of Justin Ball who was able to work past a number of trucks after his yellow flag to finish a solid 4th.
Next up for the Bandits, is a return to Florence Motor Speedway in Timmonsville, SC on Saturday May 20th.
What started out with sweltering heat in the 90’s was just a prelude to the scorching racing action that the Bandit Big Rig Series was about to display later that evening.
Heat race #1 Line up
14  Rude                 88 Morgan
4   Treadway           01 Kikelhan
54  T. Kruckeberg     7 Lisenbee
3    Boloes
14    Ricky Rude
88    Mike Morgan
01    Chris Kikelhan
4      Scott Treadway
7     Jonathan Lisenbee
54   Tyler Kruckeberg
3     Allen Boles
Rude and Morgan took great advantage of their front row starting spots to jump out to an early lead with Morgan pressuring Rude for a few laps before Rude was able to shake Morgan and stretch out to a comfortable lead at the finish.  Chris Kikelhan, having truck issues, elected to start at the rear and charged through traffic to bring the 01 home a solid 3rd place finish.
Heat race line up heat #2
26  Buckner        16 Boileau
17  Ball                6  Decker
27  Proffitt           63 Neely
55 C. Kruckeberg
16  Tommy Boileau
6    Robbie Decker
17  Justin Ball
63  Adam Neeley
26  Travis Buckner
55  Craig Kruckeberg
55  Tyler Kruckeberg
27  Darren Proffitt  DNF
The outside line took off at the drop of the green flag with Boileau and Decker getting the jump.  The race was slowed for one caution when Darren Proffittlooped it on the white flag lap.
Challenge Race #1 line up
16 Boileau               17  Ball
88 Morgan                7 Lisenbee
55 C. Kruckeberg    01 Kikelhan
3   Boles
Finishing order, Challenge race no#!
88 Mike Morgan
17 Justrin Ball
16 Tommy Boileu
7   Jon Lisenbee
3   Allen Boles
55 Craig Kruckeberg
01  Chris Kikelhan
This one was a three way battle between Morgan, Ball and Boileau, they would trade the top spot back and forth until Morgan was able to clear traffic and remain the top dog in this race.  The race was slowed once for the 01 of Chris Kikelhan as he lost part of his exhaust system on the track, resulting on the 01 being blacked flagged as he had additional exhaust parts loose and dragging on the track.
Challenge race no#2 line up
6  Decker    14  Rude
63 Neely      4   Treadway
26 Buckner  54 T.Kruckeberg
27 Proffitt
14  Ricky Rude
6    Robbie Decker
63  Adam Neely
26  Travis Buckner
27  Darren Proffitt
54  Tyler Kruckeberg
4    Scott Treadway
Minimizer A-Main Line up
26  Buckner          7 Lisenbee
63  Neely             17 Ball
16  Boileau           6  Decker
88  Morgan          14 Rude
01  Kikelhan          3  Boles
27  Proffitt            55 C. Kruckeberg
4    Treadway       54 T. Kruckeberg
14  Ricky Rude
17  Justin Ball
6    Robbie Decker
88  Mike Morgan
27  Darren Proffitt
16  Tommy Boileau
7    Jonathon Lisenbee
55  Craig Kruckeberg
01  Chris Kikelhan
3    Allan Boles
63  Adam Neely
26  Travis Buckner
54  Tyler Kruckeberg
4    Scott Treadway
  WOW!!!  I thought that the racing at the last Bandit show would be impossible to top but, The Bandits did it on the short track of Florence Motor Speedway!!
  High point leader, Ricky Rude drew the number 8 inversion pill resulting in the top 8 trucks in points being inverted putting Buckner’s number #26 on the pole.  Lisenbee jumped out to the early lead at the drop of the green flag only to be overtaken for the top spot by Ball’s number 17 on lap 3.  A yellow flag for the stalled number 16 truck of Boileau, resulted a lap 4 restart with Ball and Lisenbee leading the way.  Ball would jump back into the lead as the green flag was again unfurled.  Ball would stretch his lead out to a half of a straightaway before Ricky Rude in his number 14 Peterbuilt was able to clear traffic and set sail after Ball.  The leaders caught lapped traffic with 4 laps remaining and the game was on!  First Rude snuck past Ball then at the other end of the track, Ball returned the favor to return to the top spot, The two traded the lead back and forth while racing through lapped traffic until on the white flag lap, on the last corner, Rude was somehow able to fit his Pete under the 17 Peterbuilt of Ball to steal his third win in a row of the season!!
  Next up for the Bandits is a return to Greenville Pickens Speedway on June 10th!!  Contact the track and get your tickets early folks because if the last two shows proved anything, this next show should be one that people will talk about for years!!
Race results for Greenville Pickens Speedway, June 10th 2017
Heat 1
00 Bob Boileau          4 Scott Treadway
16 Tommy Boileau   01 Chris Kikelhan
17 Justin Ball            27 Darren Proffitt
3   Allan Boles
Finishing order Heat 1
16 T. Boileau
17 Ball
00 B Boileau
01 Kikelhan
3   Boles
27 Proffitt
4   Treadway
Heat 2
63 Trevor Kruckeberg   54 Tyler Kruckeberg
7   Jon Lisenbee            26 Travis Buckner
14 Ricky Rude               88 Mike Morgan
55 Craig Kruckeberg
Finishing order Heat 2
14 Rude
88 Morgan
54 Ty Kruckeberg
63 Tr Kruckeberg
26 Buckner
55 C. Kruckeberg–DNF
Challenge Race 1
14 Rude                 16 T. Boileau
54 Tr. Kruckeberg   3 Allan Boles
63 Ty Kruckeberg   27 Proffitt
4   Treadway
Finishing Order Challenge  Race 1
14 Rude
16 T. Boileau
3   Boles
27 Proffitt
4  Treadway
63 Ty Kruckeberg
54 Tr Kruckeberg
Challenge Race 2
88 Morgan      17 Ball
00 B. Boileau  01 Kikelhan
26 Buckner       7 Lisenbee
55 C.Kruckeberg–DNS
Finishing Order Challenge  Race 2
17 Ball
88 Morgan
01 Kikelhan
00 B.Boileau
26 Buckner
7   Lisenbee
Minimizer A-Main Line Up
27 Proffitt         00 B .Boileau
01 Kikelhan        3 Boles
16 T. Boileau    88 Morgan
17 Ball              14 Rude
26 Buckner       63 Ty. Kruckeberg
7  Lisenbee       54 Tr. Kruckeberg
4  Treadway      55 C. Kruckeberg–DNS
Finishing Order for Minimizer A-Main 25 laps
88 Mike Morgan
16 Tommy Boileau
14 Ricky Rude
3   Allan Boles
01 Chris Kikelhan
00 Bob Boileau
27 Darren Proffitt
4   Scott Treadway
63 Trevor Kruckeberg]
26 Travis Buckner
7   Jon Lisenbee
17 Justin Ball–DNF lap 8, contact with 88
54 Tylor Kruckeberg–DNF lap 1 crash
55 Craig Kruckeberg–DNS contact with wall in heat race