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Contact: Brian Madsen

Operations Director

Bandit Big Rig Series

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The Minimizer Bandit Big Rig Series racing events represent the grass roots of the trucking industry. It’s entertainment for the entire family as the big rig tractor trucks take to the short track. The race series focuses on delivering this affordable racing opportunity to local speedways and in front of race fans and the trucking industry. The trucks are kept basic and simple which limits costs and increases accessibility. We do whatever it takes to maximize competition and deliver an exciting product with world-class trucks & drivers.

The Minimizer Bandit Big Rig Series, after a 2016 test run of several races, launched the inaugural season in 2017 with an Eastern Division. Race events are held within 400 miles of Nashville, Tennessee. A Western Division will start in 2019 setting the stage for an authentic national “King of the Bandits”!

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